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Civic Partners

Civic Partners

The City of Calgary has relationships with many not-for-profit organizations. Of these, The City’s Civic Partners are large, complex and diverse, with unique operating agreements, land agreements, legal relationships and histories. Significant City of Calgary resources are invested in and managed by Civic Partners, including operational and capital funding, land, buildings, artifacts and liaison support.

Key Contributions

The City provides support to Civic Partners because of the many contributions they make to the quality of life for Calgarians. Civic Partners help The City reach its strategic goals in the areas of economic development, sport development, and strengthening the arts sector. They significantly leverage tax dollars through donations, grants and earned revenue, and provide Calgarians with a range of opportunities as participants and audiences.

More information about Civic Partners’ key contributions is available in The City’s 2012–2014 business plans and budgets.

Approved Operating Grant

Civic Partners are governed by their own respective Board of Directors. While Council is responsible for approving the operating grants for Civic Partners as part of The City’s three-year budget cycle, Council is not responsible for approving Civic Partner business plans. Please contact a Civic Partner directly for more information about its business plan.

The table (right) lists the grant amounts (in $000s) for each Civic Partner in 2011 and 2012. The 2012 figures reflect the grant amounts approved by Council in November 2011.

Civic Partners
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