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Corporate Services (CS)

Corporate Services (CS)

What we do

We provide the citizens and businesses of Calgary with a direct link to The City through the 3-1-1 call centre, the calgary.ca website, community/public engagement services, public access to city data, online job boards and recruitment, industrial land development and sales, affordable housing units, and more. We support City business units in the areas of human resources, marketing and communications, office, land and property management, mapping and surveying services, information systems and technology, fleet vehicles and heavy equipment, geospatial solutions, and engineering technical services. We also advance corporate best practices in asset management, project management, energy management, sustainable infrastructure, public engagement, plus leadership and management.

Summary of services we deliver

We deliver our services through the following business units:

Corporate Properties & Buildings (CPB)

We provide lands, buildings and facilities for City business units to deliver services to citizens. This includes office and administrative space, regional operations work centres, and remote buildings and third-party lease space.

Customer Service & Communications (CS&C)

We provide citizens access to City services, information and programs through traditional and new digital communication channels including the Internet, Web, mobile tablets and smart phones, and digital sign boards.

Fleet Services

We manage and maintain fleet vehicles and heavy equipment that provide services such as collecting garbage and recycling, and repairing and cleaning the roads, water mains and public spaces. Additionally, we deliver maintenance and autobody repair as well as driver/ operator training.

Human Resources (HR)

We support each business to attract, develop and retain City employees. We facilitate pay compensation, health and wellness benefits, plus programs to foster a healthy work environment. We also design and implement human resource strategies and programs to help meet their business objectives. In addition, we manage labour relations, collective agreement negotiations and arbitration processes.

Information Technology (IT)

We develop innovative solutions and use emerging technologies to make municipal services and operations more effective and efficient. We work with City departments to meet their information processing and technology needs, and create systems to ensure your information is kept private and confidential.

Infrastructure & Information Services (IIS)

We provide engineering and infrastructure services that enables City departments to provide and maintain safe, secure and environmentally sensitive infrastructure assets. We provide geospatial information, mapping and field surveying services.

Office of Land Servicing & Housing (OLSH)

We plan and develop a consistent supply of industrial lands for Calgary businesses. We sell City lands no longer required for municipal business purposes. We design and build affordable housing units in conjunction with federal and provincial government partners and make available these housing units to Calgarians.

Net operating budgets

The graph below illustrates the net operating budget (in $ millions) based on tax-supported amounts for each business unit in 2011 and 2012. Budgets for 2013 and 2014 will be reviewed as part of the annual adjustment process.

Operating Budgets

2012–2014 Highlights

Below are some of the actions we are taking to deliver key services in the 2012 to 2014 period. More information is available in our 2012–2014 business plans and budgets.

  • Optimize public’s electronic access to city information, services and community engagement through calgary.ca, electronic mobile device applications, and social media.
  • Support economic development and diversification by ensuring an appropriate inventory of serviced industrial land and continuing to increase the supply of affordable housing.
  • Enhance the delivery of our corporate services to effectively meet the needs of citizen services business units (e.g. Fire, Transit, etc.) thus allowing them to focus and utilize their budgets and resources in an optimal manner. We support this strategy by realizing cost efficiencies and service effectiveness with benchmarked results.
  • Maintain The City of Calgary as an employer of choice. Promote a workplace environment that addresses hard-to-fill position recruitment, succession planning and retention challenges, and the development, wellness and safety of our employees.

Improving how we deliver services

The approved 2012–2014 operating budget calls for more efficient ways to deliver services. Over this three-year period, Corporate Services will achieve the following productivity gains and efficiencies:

  • Improved buildings and facility operations and maintenance through consolidated supply and services contracts, energy reduction measures, and reduced administration resulting in $1.5 million budget reductions while attempting to maintain current facility condition index levels.
  • Budget reduction of $150,000 in communications, plus increased overall efficiency realized by redirecting 3-1-1 inquiries and services requests to the Web and mobile self-service.
  • Increased HR cost efficiencies through process/ workflow improvements, changes to staff mix, consolidation of HR services, etc. resulted in $1.4 million budget reductions and a sustained level of corporate HR services.
  • Technology innovations, better methods for public access to open data, energy reduction initiatives, and administrative efficiencies have reduced infrastructure services operating budget by $875,000.

Incorporating citizens’ input

Examples of how we incorporate citizens’ input in the services we provide include:

  • Improving citizen engagement with The City by implementing the Corporate Customer Service Framework, enhancing communication practices to improve citizen participation, developing online solutions, and enhancing The City’s engage! Policy for improved communication, access to data and engagement.
  • Holding IT operating costs at 2011 levels, utilizing alternative service delivery for print/copy and wireless telecommunication services, and a reduction in administration has resulted in $2.1 million budget reductions.
  • Using a “Green Building Index” to measure reductions in energy consumptions and greenhouse gas emissions.
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