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Planning for a sustainable future

Planning for a sustainable future

Budgets are a reflection of values, priorities and needs. They are a tool to deliver services that are important to citizens, Council and employees. The City’s three-year business plans and budgets mark the progressive steps The City needs to take to achieve our 100-year vision.

Our 100-year vision – Calgary: a great place to make a living; a great place to make a life

In 2006, Calgarians developed a blueprint for a sustainable future when they created the imagineCALGARY Plan for long-range urban sustainability. The imagineCALGARY Plan describes a 100-year vision of the city Calgarians would like to live in, and how to get there. It contains the final 100-year vision, all of the 30-year targets and goals, as well as strategies for accomplishing these goals. With input from more than 18,000 citizens, the imagineCALGARY Plan was the result of the largest community visioning and consultation process of its kind in the world, at the time.

Visit imaginecalgary.ca for more information.

Bridging our 100-year vision with long-term planning

The City follows a continuous approach to achieving the 100-year vision of the imagineCALGARY Plan. The imagineCALGARY Plan, through the 2020 Sustainability Direction, guides the review of City services, which forms the basis of The City’s three-year business plans.

Taking into account issues, service priorities and affordability, The City’s operating and capital budgets are finalized to fund the three-year business plans.

The 2020 Sustainability Direction

The City created the 2020 Sustainability Direction to bridge The City’s three-year business plan and budget cycle with the 100-year vision of imagineCALGARY and the 60-year outlook of the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan.

The 2020 Sustainability Direction identifies what must happen at The City over the next 10 years to contribute towards the imagineCALGARY 100-year vision. It contains 10-year goals, objectives, targets, indicators and strategies.

Business Planning & Budgeting

From 2006 through 2014, The City developed its business plans and budgets in three-year cycles. The 2012–2014 cycle is the third iteration of this multi-year planning and budgeting approach.

On 2013 April 22, City Council approved the recommendation of a 4-year modified cycle.

This multi-year approach allows The City to be flexible and responsive to changes in economic, social, environmental and political circumstances that may affect our business plans and budgets, and provide a view of what citizens can expect from City services over the four years of the cycle.

In November, prior to the start of a new cycle, Administration presents to Council the proposed business plans and budgets, which are then debated and approved by Council. The approved plan is then carried out by City departments and business units.

Each year in November, Council votes on adjustments to the business plans and budgets to meet the current situation and needs. With the modified 4-year cycle, a more extensive review will happen in the second year of the planning cycle allowing Council to reconsider its priorities and direct any changes needed to the approved business plans and budgets.

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