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Adjustments 2013 & 2014 Background

Adjustments 2013 & 2014 Background

Adjustments provide the opportunity to make changes to our plans and budgets if The City was experiencing something external and unforeseen. This process is an important part of our three-year business planning and budgeting cycle.

What does 'Adjustments' really mean?

  • 1) The services that are important to Calgarians are outlined in the 2012-2014 business plans and budgets. Adjustments ensure that needed changes to these services , programs and projects are brought forward.
  • 2) Adjustments are not intended to re-engage in a three-year business plans and budget discussion.

The Multi-Year Business Planning and Budgeting Policy for the City of Calgary outlines the approach/procedure to be used for adjustments.
Adjustments are:

  • An annual process,
  • Limited in scope to respond to specific circumstances only (e.g. external factors such as provincial budgets, unforeseen changes to economic forecasts affecting costs, service demand volumes or revenue projections, and Council-directed changes to priorities).
  • Designed to manage business plan and budget changes in a comprehensive, transparent and integrated manner that maintains the direction and priorities established in the approved plans and budgets.

Good News!

Economic and Financial Forecast

Based on an analysis of recent economic and financial projections for 2013 and 2014, there are no significant changes that need to be accommodated in the 2013 and 2014 business plan and budget Adjustments Process. Yahoo! We are where we should be, and working hard to ensure the continuation and enhancement of the services you want and need. And, The City regularly monitors, economic and financial indicators, so if something significant does change, Council and our citizens will be advised.

Old but Good News

New Approach to Business Planning and Budgeting

The approved plans and budgets reflect the principles of the new approach to business planning and budgeting approved by Council in January 2011. This new approach is intended to:

  • Improve transparency and decision-making by providing Council and citizens with more information about where City funds are used, linking service costs to service levels and outcomes, and better connecting long-term goals to short-term spending decisions.
  • Help transform our City organization over time by providing for more regular, ongoing, thorough examination of City services to ensure that services are relevant to citizens' needs and priorities.
  • Increase The City's accountability in delivering services to citizens effectively and efficiently, while maintaining our focus on a sustainable future.

The City's Adjustments Work

Even with the Policy and the New Approach, there are still some more rules for Administration to follow as we prepare our proposed adjustments. The types of Adjustments Administration may bring forward are:

  • Net-zero changes to operating budgets (including corresponding business plan strategy, action, or performance target changes).
  • Capital budget adjustments.
  • User fee adjustments including any proposed new fees.
  • Business plan strategies, actions, performance measures and targets.
  • Updating of performance measure targets that were referenced as "TBD" in the 2012-2014 approved business plans and budgets.

We are dealing with, managing and using tax dollars, as well as other forms of revenue – so this process is very rigorous – and it also helps to ensure Council has the best information so the right decisions are made.

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