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Lets Talk (new)

Let's Talk

Thanks to everyone who’s participated

  • 2013 & 2014 business plans and budget (BP&B) adjustments survey
  • November BP&B Adjustments!
  • BP&B alignment with Council NEW four-year term

Your input is valuable, insightful and much appreciated.

So, how did we use your input for the Business Plan & Budget alignment with Council’s new 4-year term

In continuing our conversation, we had these goals in mind:
  • To provide you with information about how we plan and budget and why we do it, including information about our previous process and the need for change.
  • To make you part of the process in creating a new business planning and budgeting cycle and give you the opportunity to provide input and ideas.

Your input was shared with both Council and Administration. They analysed the input to aid them in making decisions because we are all working together to make a better Calgary,

WHO provided INPUT on BP&B alignment with Council’s NEW four-year term?

  • CITIZENS though the online survey and comments page
  • City of Calgary STAFF through workshops and interviews
  • Our MAYOR and COUNCIL through one-on-one interviews

Council, on 2013 April 22, took the research, engagement of stakeholders and best practices and used all the information to decide that to properly align with the new four-year term, the Business Planning and Budgeting cycle that will begin in 2015 with a MODIFIED 4-YEAR BUSINESS PLAN & BUDGET CYCLE.


The Modified 4-Year Cycle will extend the current approach to span a four-year time frame, with a more extensive review opportunity in the third year of the electoral term for Council to reconsider its priorities and direct any changes needed to the approved business plans and budgets.

Departments will begin by preparing four-year business plans and budgets based on the priorities and guidelines set by Council. The business plans and budgets will be developed for Council review and approval at the end of the first full year of the new electoral term. Council will be asked to approve the four-year plans and budgets, including all rates and fees required to balance the four years of operating budgets, while still adopting the budget one year at a time, as required by legislation. An annual adjustment process also provides the flexibility to make adjustments in response to external factors and changing circumstances.

What is UNIQUE about our new 4-year MODIFIED approach?

The Modified 4-Year approach builds on the strengths of the 4-Year Cycle option and provides a significant opportunity in the middle of each Council term to review the socio-economic outlook, revisit Council priorities and re-engage citizens, and then adjust the remaining two years of the plans and budgets as required to adapt to changing circumstances. This approach will add a degree of flexibility not included in a standard 4-year cycle so that any course corrections can be accommodated in the 4-Year plans and budgets.

Full Council REPORT
BP&B alignment ENGAGEMENT results (PDF)

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