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To honour The City's commitment to continue its conversation with Calgarians, calgary.ca/ourfuture was launched on June 12, 2012. This site contains information and links designed to give Calgarians information regarding the approved 2012 – 2014 business plans and budgets and to give you a forum to talk directly with The City and each other.

In 2012, the Provincial government changed its election legislation. Beginning in October 2013, municipal elections will be held every four years, rather than the current three-year term. For more information on this change check out these links:

Currently, we use a three-year business plan and budget cycle, which aligns with the current City Council's three- year election cycle.

This multi-year planning and budgeting approach has received international recognition from the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and is highly regarded among municipal governments across the country, given the benefits of the process:
  • Approving longer-term funding supports the identification and achievement of longer-term goals,
  • Providing citizens with more certainty about the direction of City services, finances and taxation/utility rate levels,
  • Making more strategic use of Council’s time in reviewing plans and budgets, and the Administration’s time in preparing them, and
  • Allowing the flexibility to adjust approved plans and budgets to respond to changing circumstances.
But – with a four-year Council term, a three-year business planning and budgeting cycle will quickly fall out of alignment. So, in January 2013, The City began extensive stakeholder engagement to obtain input for development of Administration’s recommendation to Council.

Moving forward for you

Your input led to the development of the Council-approved Modified 4-Year Cycle option, which supports key characteristics that are integral to multi-year planning and budgeting and still addresses the needs and preferences of a majority of stakeholders.

The Modified 4-Year approach builds on the strengths of the 4-Year Cycle option and provides a significant opportunity in the middle of each Council term to review the socio-economic outlook, revisit Council priorities and re-engage citizens, and then adjust the remaining two years of the plans and budgets as required to adapt to changing circumstances. This approach will add a degree of flexibility not included in a standard 4-year cycle so that any course corrections can be accommodated in the 4-Year plans and budgets.

Full Council REPORT
BP&B alignment ENGAGEMENT results (PDF)

In the year ahead, The City will offer citizens an opportunity to get engaged in the development of the 2015-2018 business plan and budget.
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